Cla-Val Automatic Breach Containment Valve

Cla-Val Automatic Breach Containment Valve from CLA-VAL

1701 Placentia Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92627 0000

Company Profile
• Simple Proven Design
• Non-Surge Operation
• Drip-Tight Shut-Off
• No Packing Glands or Stuffing Boxes
• Static System Operational Testing
• Available in a Variety of Materials

The Cla-Val Model 85-09-1/685-09-1 Automatic Breach
Containment Valve (ABCV) will isolate portions of distribution piping
when catastrophic downstream breach occurs. The ABCV is
designed for protecting commercial building water distribution
systems, such as fire protection, potable water service, or chill water
circulation. Strategically located to isolate portions of water
systems, the ABCV prevents significant water losses and resultant
damage, and allows limited continued service when distribution
systems are damaged or out of service.
During normal conditions the ABCV is fully open allowing normal
water flows. When excessive flows occur due to pipe damage or
breach, the ABCV closes drip-tight, isolating the breached
downstream portion of system. When the ABCV is closed, normal
water flow occurs through remaining upstream distribution piping.
Once closed, the ABCV will automatically re-open when
downstream pressure is restored.
The Cla-Val Model 85-09-1/685-09-1 Automatic Breach
Containment Valve is a pilot controlled, hydraulically-operated,
diaphragm-actuated, globe pattern valve. The valve consists of a
Powertrol main valve and a pre-installed pilot control system. Using
line fluid as operating medium, the ABCV is completely selfcontained,
requiring no additional power to operate. The Powertrol
can be supplied with optional fusion bonded epoxy coating for
longer service life and lower maintenance costs.
The custom pilot control senses pressure differential across valve,
and is factory-preset to shift at differential corresponding to specified
breach flow. The control smoothly closes Powertrol hydraulically.
The pilot control has locking cap to protect calibrated settings.
Supplied valve position electric switch assembly provides remote
confirmation or alarm signal that ABCV is fully closed. Two quickconnect
ports allow verification of differential pressure setting and
conducting operational ABCV testing when water system is static.
Test Kit consisting of differential gauge and hose connections is
available option. The ABCV operates most efficiently when installed
in horizontal pipe with Powertrol cover and internal-stem oriented
vertically up.


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