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INNOTEX® has over 30 years of experience in the development, manufacturing and distribution of fire retardant protective clothing and is one of the leading North American manufacturers of NFPA 1971 certified turnout gear.

INNOTEX® also manufactures gloves and hoods in the USA by people with extensive experience in the development, manufacturing and distribution structural firefighting gloves and hoods. Our constantly evolving line of products includes six styles of gloves, with or without the knit wristlets; and four designs of hoods, available in the most popular fabrics.

INNOTEX®'s commitment is to provide firefighters with the absolute best gear to maximize their performance. INNOTEX® has been chosen by several hundred Fire Departments and currently protect some of the largest Fire Departments in North America, the military as well as large International Fire Departments. 1-888-821-3121