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Xtralis, now a part of Honeywell, is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the very early & reliable detection and rapid, effective response to smoke, fire, and gas threats. Our technologies prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised. We protect high-value and irreplaceable assets belonging to the world’s top governments and businesses.

Xtralis has been a pioneer in life safety for over 30 years. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems, including VESDA, the world's No. 1 ASD brand. Xtralis leads the market in very early warning fire detection (VEWFD).

The award-winning Xtralis portfolio includes:

VESDA by Xtralis – Very early warning apirating smoke detection (ASD)
VESDA-E by Xtralis – Very early warning ASD with 40% more coverage and wide sensitivity range
VESDA ECO by Xtralis – Very early warning ASD plus gas detection and environmental monitoring
Industrial VESDA VLI – Very early warning ASD for harsh environments
OSID by Xtralis – Standard-sensitivity smoke detection for open spaces


Just saw a demonstration of the Vesda E products and wow I was impressed. These guys are innovators and always showing us ways to make our facilities safer. My architect loves the concealed smoke detection for ornate ceilings too.